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Blue Bulbs

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Blue Bulbs are increasing in popularity. Their blue xenon tint imitates the light caused by expensive HID bulb systems so your car stands out from the crowd. Using both Halogen and xenon gas these Blue bulbs give a bright white light with a hint of blue giving your headlights an executive look.

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Philips BlueVision

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the stylish looks of brilliant white daylight

Philips BlueVision Blue Bulbs

Philips Automotive Lighting creates active safety technologies that are designed to illuminate your car, secure your road, and enlighten your world. Interweaving technical innovation with a genuine concern for the safety and driving comfort of those drivers who benefit from their products, Philips BlueVision blue bulbs bring the driving benefits (and stylish looks) of brilliant white daylight to all cars.

H1£ 19.25 (pair)
HB4£ 24.99 (pair)
HB3£ 24.99 (pair)


Blue Bulbs

Osram Cool Blue

Blue Bulbs coolblue


Osram Cool Blue Bulbs for the trendsetter type.

Do you want to see clearly and take advantage of a modern, blue-white light that is easier on the eyes? The sensational Osram Cool Blue range of blue bulbs is your best choice.


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Blue Bulbs

Bosch Cobalt Blue

Blue Bulbs bosch

Bosch Cobalt Blue Bulbs With FREE blue Sidelight Bulbs

The Bosch Cobalt Blue Bulbs offer the distinct xenon HID light look with a subtle hint of blue.

The Bosch Cobalt Blue bulb replicates the xenon HID High Intensity Gas Discharge System fitted as standard to more and more of today's prestige and performance cars.


Before Blue Bulbs ...... After Blue Bulbs

.......Standard Bulb......................Bosch Blue Bulb



H1£ 17.50 (pair)

Blue Bulbs

Classic Cool Blue

Classis Blue Bulbs

30% more light with a stylish blue tint

Classic Cool Blue Bulbs offer up to 30% more light than that of a standard upgrade bulbs, they also cast a blue tinted light giving the appearence of an expensive HID system.

H1£ 12.10 (per pair)
H4£ 12.10 (per pair)
H7£ 12.10 (per pair)
HB4£ 12.10 (per pair)
HB3£ 12.10 (per pair)


Blue Bulbs