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Bosch Cobalt Blue

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Bosch Cobalt Blue Bulbs With FREE Sidelight Bulbs

Now with FREE Bosch sidelight bulbs, the Bosch Cobalt Blue upgrade bulbs offer the distinct xenon HID light look with a subtle hint of blue.

The Bosch Cobalt Blue headlight bulb replicates the xenon HID High Intensity Gas Discharge System fitted as standard to more and more of today's prestige and performance cars.

Bosch Cobalt Blue before ...... Bosch Cobalt Blue after

.......Standard Bulb......................Bosch Cobalt Blue Bulb


These lamps recreate daylight driving conditions at night therefore contributing to safety and performance.

These head light bulbs are also EC37 approved for use in Europe and are completely interchangeable with existing lamps. Most car headlamp bulb sizes are available including: H1, H4 and H7.

Cobalt Blue headlight bulbs are also ideal for Motorbikes giving a distinctive look on the road, making you stand out from the crowd

These headlight bulbs are sold in a pack of 2 with FREE sidelights.

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H1£ 17.50 (per pair)

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Bosch Cobalt Blue