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Classic Wiper Blade Flat Blade

Classic Wiper Blade Flat Blade


Classic Fusion Flat-Blade


Classic Wiper Blade Flat Blade


The Classic Fusion Wiper Blade is a revolutionary step in road safety. Its 1000+ contact points ensure a seamless pressure across the length of the blade which allow for a close fit to your windscreen. Because of this your windscreen will be cleaner which, in turn, will keep you and your family safer.

Classic Wiper Blade Flat Blade

Classic Wiper Blade Flat Blade

Classic Fusion Wiper Blades are the next generation of safety. Until recently these wiper blades could only be purchased from car dealers but now we supply them direct, saving you money!

As you can see the Classic Fusion Wiper Blade has over 1000 contact points making it cling to your windscreen and giving a better clean. This revolutionary design is helping people stay safe on the roads because when your windscreen is cleaner you see further.

15 percent of the vehicles passing through check lanes during National Car Care Month failed because of worn windshield wiper blades. You could be fined £1,000 and have points put on your licence if you are stopped by the police. Worn or damaged wipers will fail an MOT.

We can also supply Classic, Bosch and Valeo Ultimate Flat Blade Wipers, Simply give us a call on 01670 706983 or email for a price.

Classic Wiper Blade Flat Blade

Features Include

  • Low Profile Design which allows for a closer fit to your winscreen, also reduces wind noise because of greater aerodynamics.
  • 1000+ Contact points make the wiper sweep the screen closer.
  • The built-in spoiler gives the blade anti-lifting properties allowing greater contact and higher speeds.
  • Universal Clip designed to fit most vehicles. Changing your wiper blades has never been so simple.
  • As An official distrubutor we can also offer classic Aerotwin and Valeo Ultimate Flat-blade Wipers at very good prices. Just give us a call on 01670 706983 between 9AM and 5PM Monday to Friday or email


Please note these wiper blades cannot be retro-fitted so the blades on your car must already be of this type in order for them to fit correctly.
Legal and Easy to Fit

Classic Fusion Blades are easy to fit with no need for any connectors or any additional wiring, simply replace your existing wipers and see the improvement!

To find out which Wiper Blades are 100% correct for your vehicle please use our Vehicle Application Search