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D2R Bulbs


D2R Bulbs, Unlike normal halogen headlamp systems, HID headlamps do not use a filament. Instead, they contain an inert gas (Xenon), which emits light when it comes in contact with a high-voltage electrical arc.


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Because D2R Bulbs emit nearly twice the light compared to standard halogen bulbs you can rest assured you will be given far more time to deal with any potentially dangerous situations, Road markings and signs are also better illuminated.

A motorist using D2R Bulbs are able to see about 100 metres to the front of the vehicle, compared to about 58 metres with standard halogen lighting. See example below:

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The life span of D2R Bulbs equals that of a car, which means that the bulb will only have to be replaced in exceptional cases.

Another advantage of these D2R bulbs is that they consume only half the power, this saves energy and are therefore more environmentally friendly.

Many sellers offer low quality replacements made in the Far East factories, therefore the bulbs to not come with a valid E mark. We only ever supply Philips or Osram HID units, Because of this you know you are getting quality products from a reputable manufacturer.

D2R HID Vehicle Applications

Fiat Stilo "Xenon (01-)" Stilo Xenon 01-

Mercedes C Class "(W203) Xenon (00-)" C-Class (W203) Xenon 00-

Mercedes C Class "(W203) Bi-Xenon (02-)" C-Class (W203) Bi-Xenon 02-

Mercedes CL "(215) Coupe Xenon (99-02)" CL (215) Coupe Xenon 99-02

Mercedes CL "(215) Coupe Bi-Xenon (02-)" CL (215) Coupe Bi-Xenon 02-

Mercedes 20 CLK "(C208) Xenon (97-)" CLK (C208) Xenon 97-

Mercedes E Class "(W210) Xenon (95-02)" E-Class (W210) Xenon 95-02

Mercedes 20 S Class "(W220) Xenon (98-02)" S-Class (W220) Xenon 98-02

Mercedes 20 SLK "(R170) Xenon (00-)" SLK (R170) Xenon 00-

BMW Mini "Mini (Xenon) (01-)" Mini BMW (Xenon) 01-

Vauxhall Vectra "B Xenon (99-)" Vectra B Xenon 99-

(Please note these bulbs can be sold individually)

D2R£ 125.00 (Per Pair)
D2R£ 125.00 (Per Pair)



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D2R Bulbs