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When looking at several new vehicles, including many European models and now some 2005 domestic vehicles, you will notice a strange looking flat blade wiper. The traditional metallic superstructure, which traditionally held the rubber element has disappeared, and has been replaced by two integrated flexors which distribute the pressure evenly along the blade. This new technology is called flat blade.

The flat blade, as the name implies, offers an ultra-flat design that provides an excellent wipe and dramatically improves aerodynamics and aeroacoustics, reducing wind noise by as much as three decibels. The result is a wiper blade that outperforms traditional wipers in all weather conditions.

The connection style of this new generation of wiper blade is also new, meaning that conventional wiper blades will not work on these vehicles.

The flat blade has two different types of connection to the arm--the side lock and the top lock connections.

Introduced to the European market in 2001, flat blade wipers are now standard on millions of vehicles and it is predicted that by 2010, the majority of cars produced will feature this new technology.

Flat Blade Wipers


flat blade wipers

As 1stAutoStore is a market leader in Flat Blade wipers technology we offer not only Bosch Aerotwin Flat-Blade wipers but our own Classic Fusion Wiper Blades.

The following cars are currently fitted with flat blades:


Audi A3 mk2 (10.03 - )

Mercedes Benz S Class W220

Mercedes Benz S Class C215

Volkswagen Polo 9N1

Volkswagen Golf mk4 (09.02 - )

Volkswagen Golf mk4 Variant (09.02 - )

Volkswagen Passat 3B3

Volkswagen Passat 3B6

Skoda Superb 09.2001

Volkswagen Sharan (08.02 - )

Seat Alhambra

Ford Galaxy (08.02 - )

Porche Cayenne (9pa)(12.02 - )

Volkswagen Touareg (7L)(11.02 - )

Renault Espace (JKO)(11.02 - )


Flat Blade Wipers

If your car is not displayed here but does have Flat Blade wipers fitted please contact us on 01670 706985 and we will determine what size of blades you need.

To Work out which flat blade wipers are 100% correct for your car please use our Vehicle Search Facility

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