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HB4 Bulbs

HB4 Bulbs

HB4 Bulbs

HB4 Bulbs (9006) are usually found in American made vehicles. However some Alfa and BMW models use these globes.

A List of all the HB4 Bulbs available is shown below:


Dipped Beam


Main Beam

3 Series Compact (E36/5)
3000 GT
Maxima QX
Celica GT (T20)


If your unsure as to which HB4 bulbs you need please visit our comprehensive search page


HB4 bulbs
Classic Cool Blue£ 12.10 (per pair)
Philips Blue Vision£ 24.99 (per pair)
Classic High Wattage£ 12.10 (per pair)
Classic Standard£ 10.50 (per pair)

Also Available H1, H3, H4, H7, HB3, HB4, 410, HB12, D2R, D2S, 9005, 9006

HB4 Bulbs