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Upgrade Xenon Bulbs

(Osram Silverstar, Philips VisionPlus, Philips Power2Night & Bosch Performance)


Upgrade Xenon Bulbs push Performance of Auto Bulbs to the limit, they are increasing in popularity because of theer stylish look and safety features. Their bright white light imitates the light caused by expensive HID systems so your car stands out from the crowd. Using both halogen and xenon gas these bulbs give a bright light giving your headlamps a high-end executive look, All bulbs available including H1, H4 and H7.

All of these bulbs can be purchased right now from

Osram Silverstar (+50%) Upgrade Xenon Bulbs


No bulb parts found.


Philips Power2Night (+50) Upgrade Xenon Bulbs

H4£ 19.40 (per pair)


Bosch Power White (+50) Upgrade Xenon Bulbs

No bulb parts found.

Philips VisionPlus (+50%) Upgrade Xenon Bulbs


H4£ 12.50 (per pair)

Bosch Performance (+50) Upgrade Xenon Bulbs


No bulb parts found.


As well as these check out the Osram, Philips, Classic and Bosch range of Premium Upgrade bulbs

Upgrade Xenon Bulbs