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Why Choose NGK?


NGK have been Pioneers of Coppercore Spark Plugs Since 1958 and now they are Undisputed Leaders in Spark Plug Technology

NGK is a leader in automotive, truck & recreation vehicle spark plugs, with spark plugs for virtually every application in the world. Utilizing a wide variety of materials, from standard copper-core type to Iridium, NGK is the world's leader in spark plug engineering and technology. All NGK Spark Plugs are OEM Approved.


Why are NGK spark plugs superior?


1. Reduction in Heating and Fouling.

NGK Spark Plugs have a centre electrode with copper deeply inserted in the tip to quickly dissipate large amounts of heat. This makes a spark plug with an "ultra wide heat range" that resists both heating and fouling.

NGK Spark Plugs Specification

NGK Spark Plugs cover a wider range of temperatures than that of standard plugs.


When the thermal characteristics of NGK spark plugs with and without copper cores are compared, spark plugs with copper cores prove to be superior in heat and fouling resistance and provide a wider thermal operating range.


2. Incorporates an insulator made of state-of-the art high-alumina ceramics.

  • NGK spark plugs have superior insulation at high temperatures and offer sure sparking.
  • NGK spark plugs provide superior thermal conductivity and prevent overheating.
  • NGK spark plugs resist thermal shock (sudden heating and cooling and provides superior mechanical strength.)

3. Solid construction to ensure superb gas-tightness.

Special powders to connect the insulator and the metal shell offer superior gas-tightness and strong construction.

4. The electrode tip made of special nickel alloy ensures superior durability.

Special nickel alloy ensures superior heat resistance and durability.

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Setting New Standards in Performance, Reliability and Technical Innovation


NGK Spark Plugs