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Good Road Vision is Integral to Road Safety

    Taking a few minutes to install fresh wiper blades now, will help clear the way for a safer winter driving season, Safe Winter Driving Starts With Fresh Wiper Blades

    • Traction control, ABS, and dynamic stability control can greatly enhance vehicle response when emergency stopping or maneuvering is required, and safety features including anti-lock brakes, seat belts or air bags will help to protect you from injur but the most important thing is to have a clear view of the road, having clean fresh wiper blades can be a life saver.
    • According to recent surveys people in the UK are among the worst in Europe for not replacing our wiper blades regularly. We appear to have a seemingly infinite tolerance for squeaks, streaks and judders. New wiper blades cost only a few pounds and are childsplay to fit, what are you waiting for?
    • One road accident in five is caused by poor visibility, which is just what you get with old wipers.
    • When buying blades, never assume you need two the same size. Many cars have 2 different sized blades. To work out 100% which ones are right for your vehicle please use our Vehicle Search facility. We will do the hard work and find out which sizes are correct for your car.
    • All the Wiper blades on this site are of the highest quality so you can buy in confidence
    • Where we had the option, we have offered a spoiler on the driver's side and a standard blade on the other this aids keeping the wiper tight to the widscreen giving a silent, smooth, streak-free sweep.