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Bosch is the worlds leading manufacturer of automotive systems and components, renowned for technical design and innovation, together with industry leading product efficiency and ultimate reliability. As a result, They are original equipment suppliers to most of the worlds leading vehicle manufacturers who specify and rely on Bosch products.


Bosch Wiper Blades


Super Plus Wiper Blades

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Bosch wiper blades have an internal tensioning strip for optimum screen contact. The blades are constructed with dual rubber ensuring that they continue to clean effectively for longer. The soft rubber spine enables effective flip over function whilst the hard rubber edge ensures smear free wiping. Each blade comes pre-mounted with Bosch's unique 'Quick-Clip' adapter so they can be fitted to a vehicle in a matter of seconds.

Bosch has been developing wipers and wiping systems for over 75 years, and is responsible for OE innovations such as the new joint-free blades.

  • Full Length Spoiler- This helps the blade have full contact with screen even when travelling at high speeds.
  • The Internal Tensioning Strip keeps a consistent pressure across the blade as the screen curves (Bosch Super Plus out-performs other blades by 15%)
  • High Quality Rubber- A high quality rubber spine enables effective flip over functions. A precision cut cleaning edge ensures smear free wiping.
  • Ultimate Visibility - Bosch Super Plus provides exceptional performance and a significant reduction in juddering and screeching.
  • Minimal Noise - Precision cut rubber along with minimal joint play makes the wiping action smoother and reduces noise levels significantly.
  • Extended Blade Life - Bosch Super Plus performs better than other blades after 300 hours use. Often inferior and cheaper blades will not reach 300 hours of


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The Aerotwin wiper blade maximizes the wiping quality, lasts longer and is decisively less noisy than traditional wiper blades.


Bosch Wiper Blades Aerotwin

Safer driving, when it comes to wiping, depends upon reliable and clear performance. The rapid success of “Aerotwin” is based on those advantages. Instead of a system of bows with articulated parts, the joint-free wiper consists of a one-piece rubber profile with an integrated spoiler. Two spring-loaded rails distribute the contact pressure evenly over the entire length of the wiper blade. This further improves wiping results even at higher speeds. Compared to conventional wiper blades with a bow system, the "Aerotwin" is only half as high.
The flat design improves the aerodynamics of the wiper blade and reduces wind noises significantly. Another effect is that it impairs vision less during wiping.

Since its launch in 1999, this wiper has enjoyed great success. Meanwhile, cars from Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Audi, Renault, Ford, Skoda and Seat have been fitted with the new wiper blade. Bosch expects that in the next six years more than 80 percent of all new cars in Europe will be equipped with this type of wiper system.


To find out which Wiper Blades are 100% correct for your vehicle please use our Vehicle Application Search

Bosch Wiper Blades